Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Four percent group review

The 4% Group is Vicks most recent method for offering a get rich snappy business opportunity that another person made. For this situation it's Chris Records Internet Marketing College. Chris was likewise required in the Empower organize so Vick and Chris know each other well. Vick Strizheus is only one of many individuals who have now left enable and is advancing this new organization. Enable Network is a sorry excuse for its previous self and I can envision it's truly troublesome for them to offer it, so everybody has escaped. Web Marketing College is the most recent adaptation of a similar kind of business opportunity that I committed the error of getting required with.

Four Percent Group has two objectives. The first is to make Vick Strizheus some extra money before secondly to getting people to buy the very expensive Internet Marketing College Products.  The Four Percent Group is literally a very sophisticated sales presentation disguised as a membership site that is designed to sell the Internet Marketing College and any other related products they can make a commission on.

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