Tuesday, February 7, 2017


ClickSure is one of the fastest growing self-service online marketing networks. Its goal is simple, to help individuals and businesses thrive through a suite of marketing tools and tracking technology built specifically for them.

The ClickSure self-service platform and open network allows Marketers, Advertisers and Sellers to connect without the usual roadblocks of traditional Affiliate networks. ClickSure allows Marketers, Advertisers and Sellers to openly communicate with each other, without the middle man and with transparent fees.

Advertisers can gain access to over 400,000 Affiliates within minutes of uploading their campaigns and gain access to cutting edge technology that offers a variety of exciting features including advanced click tracking, sub-campaign tracking, in-depth analytics, split-testing, geo targeting, multi-payout options, Affiliate management and more.

Affiliates get access to a host of top offers and in-depth campaign analytics. One of the top selling points is that you get to connect directly with some of the top Advertisers and products owners from across the world, so you know exactly who you are working with for real peace of mind.

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