Friday, April 14, 2017

Telemarketing Services

B2B telemarketing is about using calling as a channel for business to business commercial transaction; either to sell or to build rapport between companies. This may be utilized for lead generation, customer profiling, event telemarketing or simply a follow up for an email sent, or more.

Here’s a thing or two about B2B telemarketing. Perhaps, five things:

It helps you find and filter out people you want to have as customers;
It enables you to raise awareness about your brand;
It allows you to build your credibility and image among existing and future clients;
It directs you to new opportunities that realize growth; and
It lets you create relevant dialogues with current partners.

B2B telemarketing differs from B2B telesales. B2B Telesales is much more focused than B2B Telemarketing. The mission is simple - convert leads into sales. Telesales professionals, at least in principle, receive qualified sales leads from telemarketers and other marketing channels and proceed to close them via outbound calling. 

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