Saturday, August 8, 2020


A fashion that has emerged from street wear not from fashion house is known as Street fashion. Normally this kind of fashion is associated with young culture and driven from urban centers. It is getting popular day by day other than mainstream fashion. Various types of street fashion are seen in youth such as Hippies, Teddy Boys, Punk Fashion, Skinheads and so on. 

In 20th century street fashion has become phenomenon in England. Street style itself is an application of ordinary people included the people who use their sport outfits on their daily basis. However, it is obvious that they get affected by supermodels who are working for various sportive brands. Therefore, it gets easier to influence ordinary people with the sense of sportive clothing.

Currently, social media channels have become an efficient way in fashion practices to keep in touch with the consumer base as well as increase it through brand exposure. Blogs that focus on fashion brands and products, street style and personal style in particular are the largest categories of the blogs. Fashion blogs, or style blogs, are blogs that focus on fashion and beauty and are produced by bloggers who self-identify as stylists, creating their own authentic looks and exposing them in urban spaces.

If you are a street fashion fan and want to know more about different design and fashion, you can simply click on the link mentioned above.  

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